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Muhammad Bashir Chaudhry
Chief Executive - Rapid Property Solutions

About RPS

Rapid Property Solutions (RPS) has been in operation since 2005. At RPS, we are committed to serve the best quality of services to our valuable clients by utilizing of our 100% knowledge and vast management Experience of Real Estate Industry. Rapid Property Solutions (RPS) properly guides their Customer to take the right decisions on right time for profitable and secured investment and keep them updated with current property rates based on Market trends. Our business depends upon measurement and analysis of performance, driven from the company strategy having its focus on customer care, continuously evolving key process, timely outputs and promised fruitful results. Our aim is to provide to our valuable clients best highest quality of deals & services at the best price and as expeditiously as possible. Our goal include

1. Providing best profitable deals at lowest possible prices
2. Obligation to our clients to deliver rapid real Estate service well on time
3. Serving our valuable clients efficiently & effectively
4. Providing best profitable advice for Long Term and short terms Investment.


At RPS, we understand that to grow as an organization we must ensure that the Investors and community we serve in, also grows and succeeds with us accordingly. Our focus, therefore, is not on Rapid developments, but in creating high-growth lifestyle environments that create new jobs and support to the Real Estate industries. we belief to serve the community by utilizing of 100% abilities and worth, as a company, we are dedicated to our major goal – to create united lifestyle communities and serve as a tactical partner in the Rapid growth of Pakistan

Our Values

Commitment, Determination, Relief & Nonstop Development
RPS business depends upon dimensions and scrutiny of performances, motivated from the Company strategy having its totally focus on customer care, constantly growing key procedures, timely outputs and promised results. Our aim is to provide our clients with the highest quality at the best price and as expeditiously as possible. Owing to unsurprised trust of people in our honored history of 13 years, we have a strong faith in our future Insha’Allah.

Future Outlook & Predictions,

RPS has become undistinguishable with excitement, luxury, opportunity and creativity. It’s the place where you can trust, unforgettable adventures are held and great investments opportunities are detained. Our vision is driven by the values of our Real Estate professional wisdom by our associates who have been serving the community in the relevant field. The Company has a clear objective of making two important contributions. Making people’s life comfortable by providing state-of-the- art facilities for living, work, shopping and entertainment purposes and strong contribution to national economy through boosting the real estate development and strengthening revolution in real estate industry.

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